Entry at 16+

The following files are available for download:

Sixth Form Registration Form

Sixth Form Information Book

Sixth Form Curriculum Booklet 2017

Important Dates for 16+ Entry September 2018

Wednesday 25 October 2017

Closing date for registrations for entry September 2018

Saturday 11 November 2017

16+ Entrance exam

Monday 11 December 2017

Offers posted

Tuesday 9 January 2018

Closing date for acceptance of places

The Sixth Form at Bancroft’s is a vibrant, intellectually stimulating and friendly place which benefits from the School’s excellent facilities.  Bancroft’s has a strong academic record at A Level: in 2016 pupils achieved 90.1% A*/A/B grades at A Level and pupils are offered a wide range of extracurricular activities and leadership opportunities which allow them to develop outstanding interpersonal skills as well as achieving excellent examination results.

Entry Requirements

Entry to the Sixth Form is on the basis of performance in an entrance exam and at interview. Pupils joining our Sixth Form will need to be academically capable and hardworking as well as socially able to make the most of being in our Sixth Form; they will also need a firm foundation of success at GCSE.  In practice they should expect to gain a significant number of A or A* grades; we are looking for students who are likely to achieve a minimum of six A grades at GCSE, and in the subjects they wish to study in year 12.  Please refer to the Sixth Form Curriculum Book for details of courses offered in year 12 and year 13.

Entrance Exam

All applicants will sit two 90 minute exams in subjects being studied at GCSE level, from a choice of the following subject areas:







Business Studies

English Literature*





Classical Civilisation


Religious Studies

Classical Greek



Applicants nominate the two subject areas on which they would like to be examined by indicating their choices on the application form.

Specific revision is not required and the questions will be appropriate to all GCSE exam boards and syllabus.

* Candidates who choose to sit an entrance paper in English Literature will be asked to nominate and provide details of two texts they have studied at GCSE, along with the names of the authors. We recommend that these cover two of the genres: prose, poetry and drama. A poetry text needs to consist of at least five poems and nominations of short stories as a prose text will need at least two stories.

The first part of the exam paper will comprise a range of essay titles which can be applied to one of these texts (candidates will be able to choose which one). The second part of the exam will have questions based on an unseen poem or piece of prose. 

Candidates are also asked to provide the name of the exam board for their English Literature exam and to indicate whether or not they have to analyse any unseen literature (poetry or prose) for that exam.


Successful candidates will be called back for interview approximately two weeks after the test day.  Offers, conditional upon GCSE grades, will then be sent out by post within the following fortnight.

Candidates called for interview for Art will be required to bring with them a portfolio showing their recent work.


To apply for a place in the Sixth Form starting in September 2018, candidates must complete an application form.

Please note that on receipt of an application, we will contact the candidate’s present school for a reference and you may wish to inform them of your application before they hear from us.

Candidates who apply for scholarships only (including Means Tested Scholarships) will not be considered for full fee-paying places, even if their performance in the examination is good enough to have earned them a place in the School.

Further information and application forms are available from The Admissions Registrar, Mrs Stephanie Wallis:

0208 506 6761

A large print version of our 16+ admissions information can also be obtained from the above contact details.

Late Applications for Sixth Form Entry September (i.e. after the Autumn Term)

Late applications for Sixth Form entry in September may be considered.  Candidates should contact the School with their GCSE exam results in August.  We are looking for students who have achieved a minimum of six A grades at GCSE, including A Grades in the subjects they wish to study in year 12, and who will be academically and socially able to make the most of being in our Sixth Form.

Candidates may be invited for interview having taken into account their GCSE exam results; offers may be made subject to receiving a good academic reference from their current school Head, their GCSE grades and space available.

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