School News

Conspiracy at Bancroft's?

After seeing how the experts do it on “CSI” the Removes (year 8)  had the chance to become forensics experts for the day and solve a crime!  Thankfully the scenario was fictitious, although the methods the children were encouraged to employ were based on those used by real-live forensics teams.

During a presentation on Monday 21 May, James Finger  of Education Interactive, an ex-member of the New South Wales police force and so no stranger to crime scenes, presented “A Case of Conspiracy?”.  He started by giving the children a crime scenario: a drug dealer had been found murdered and an 18 year old bricklayer arrested.  However, he continues to protest his innocence.  Has he been framed or is he actually guilty?

The children were then instructed to visit ten various stations to collect all the evidence and answer a series of questions to solve the crime.  The stations included: an autopsy report, trace evidence, fingerprints, ballistics and DNA.   The children learnt how Forensic Science helps the Police to solve crimes every day. They will discover how forensic evidence is gathered, how it is analysed and how the results of these analyses are compiled to provide a detailed picture of the events leading up to a crime and of the criminal even when eye witness accounts are not available.   The afternoon also showed students how the methods and experiments that they are using in the school laboratory are developed and applied in the real world.


The afternoon was a bit hit with the would-be forensic scientists. Jessica Richardson said,   “It was good because it was a realistic view into forensic science and it was interactive.”  Tom Oliver also was very positive, “It was fun and educational.”


Junior Maths Challenge

An outstanding set of results for the Junior Maths Challenge 2012!   Well done to all those who participated, gaining an impressive haul of 33 Gold certificates, 22 Silver and 9 Bronze.  Congratulations to the seven pupils in the Thirds and Removes (years 7 and 8) who have excelled by qualifying for the next round, the Junior Olympiad: Rishan Rashid,  Ilakya Prabhakar,  Aarya Sajilal,  Caleb Daramola,  Rachel Orrell,  Meera Murali,  Isobel Lockley.

Queen of Teen Visits Bancroft's

Popular author Jean Ure, who has been called the original Queen of Teen, visited the School on Tuesday 15 May to talk to all members of the 3rds (year 7).  She is the writer of over 170 novels and her books are amongst the most popular in the School library amongst year 7 and 8 pupils.  She shared her expertise with the children and entertained them with readings from two of her books Ice Lolly and Star Crazy Me.  They were fascinated by the secrets behind her writing, including the fact that she keeps ideas and titles in  a safe: just in case of a fire!  Afterwards the children were able to ask her questions, and the boys requested that she wrote more books with boys in mind.  She also spent some time signing books for the pupils. Librarian Kate Squire said, "Jean Ure talked about how she gets her ideas from people she meets and interesting situations which she develops into her books.  She is a fantastic story teller who manages to strike a chord with young readers; she really understands how they think.  The pupils were very excited about meeting her."



Prep Charity Day 2012

For the first time in weeks the sun shone and the rain stopped for the annual Prep School Charity day held this year on Friday 18 May.  There were a variety of sponsored events during the morning: the Alphas had to skip for 15 minutes, the Betas faced and obstacle course and the Prep 1s and 2s had to recite all the countries involved in the Olympics.  The afternoon saw the usual mix of stalls run by the Prep 2s.  There were lots of games to play: lucky dip, a football competition,  archery, sponge throwing (thank goodness for the warmer weather), as well as a delicious array of cakes, smoothies, ice cream and sweets.  So far, the event has raised over £2200, with more to come!  The money raised will be divided by three charities: Futurehope, Autism UK and Macmillan Cancer Support; in addition the Prep School continues to sponsor a boy in Nicaragua called Ramon.

East of England Maths Champions

Congratulations to our U4 team of Kavin Vijayakumar, Sai Johal, Francis Clark-Murray and Amar Kalsi who were the winners of the East of England Year 10 Team Maths Challenge Final. The Final was held at the Centre For Mathematical Sciences, University Of Cambridge and the team qualified for the Final through their performance at the Regional heat in Hemel Hempstead last term. Mrs Penny Thompson, Head of Junior Maths, said ''I'm extremely proud of the team for their stunning performance that led to this fantastic outcome and I'm thrilled that they have been crowned East of England Champions.'' This event took place on the day before their IGCSE Maths exam, so it should provide a real boost to their confidence!


Well done to North House who were the winners of last week's L4 Interhouse Maths Activity Afternoon. All of the L4 pupils took part in a closely fought contest of mathematical challenges and L4N emerged as victors.