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Welcome to Bancroft's Broadcasts, the podcast where we talk to staff, parents, pupils and special guests to find out more about life within the school and of matters of current educational interest. A new episode is released every two weeks during term times.

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Episode 13: Explorng IdentiTEA at Bancroft’s

In this episode, we are in conversation with Sam in the Upper Sixth and Chair of our IdentiTEA Society. He explains why IndentiTEA is important to him and how things have changed at Bancroft’s for pupils who are questioning their own identity.

20 January 2023, 18 minutes

Episode 12: The Co-Curricular Side of Life at Bancroft’s with Eleanor, Alex and Jaya

In this episode, we’re taking a look at the co-curricular side of life at the school. That’s all the good stuff that goes on outside regular lesson times, like sport, music, drama and adventures beyond the classroom. To help us understand more we’re speaking to Assistant Head, Co-Curriuculum and Activities, Eleanor Burnside as well as Lower Sixth students Alex and Jaya.

19 December 2022,  28 minutes

Episode 11: Learning for Life with Simrat Khera

In this episode, we’re spending time in Bancroft’s Prep School. We’ll be meeting Simrat Khera who is the Head of Learning for life, Simrat Khera is head of Learning for Life at Bancroft School. Simrat is the person to speak to when it comes to the way we help children understand topics like health, relationships, citizenship, and everything that goes into their understanding of the wider world in which they live.

25 November 2022, 25 minutes.

Episode 10:  The Prep School Curriculum with Tim Paramour, Director of Studies

In this episode, we’re spending time in the Prep School, meeting its Director of Studies Tim Paramour. Tim explains his approach to the Prep School’s Curriculum, how it’s decided, how it works and what benefits it brings for the children of the school.

11 November 2022, 24 minutes.

Episode 9: A Year in Review with Simon Marshall & Joe Layburn

We take a look back with Simon Marshall and Joe Layburn at the last academic year and also take a glimpse at the summer ahead.

4 July 2022, 32 minutes

Episode 8: Pride club and Pride Week at Bancroft’s School with Gill Entwistle & Ian Lucas.

In this episode we’re meeting Gill Entwistle, Drama teacher & Ian Lucas.What roles do Pride Club and Pride Week have at Bancroft’s School? To find out we speak to Gill Entwistle, a teacher at the school as well as being a diversity & inclusion mentor, and Ian Lucas, a longstanding queer activist who’s seen many changes since his own school days.

Gill and Ian  help us understand more about how sexuality and inclusion can be seen at Bancroft’s and we discuss the value of positivity and openness. We learn about the plans for Pride Week at Bancroft’s and we are reassured that support is there for pupils considering who they are and how they feel.

24 June 2022. 27 minutes Listen here

Episode 7: Speaking with Deputy Head Academic, Dr Matthew Lim

In this episode we’re meeting Dr Matthew Lim who is Deputy Head Academic at the school. We ask Matthew about his role at Bancroft’s and about his understanding of what makes the school such a special place to learn. Matthew tells us what he brings to his teaching career from his previous work as a scientist.

10 June 2022, 22 minutes

Episode 6: Reflections from our Heads of House

For this episode of Bancroft’s broadcasts we’re meeting four guests who know the life at the school better than perhaps anyone. Maha, Lucy, Georgia and Constance are our four outgoing Heads of House and, as they approach their final weeks at the school, they reflect on their time at Bancroft’s, picking out some favourite memories and offering some advice to younger pupils.

29 May 2022, 24 minutes

Episode 5: Preparing for the Future, Careers Education at Bancroft’s

Michelle Dean our Head of Careers, Innovation and Entrepreneurship discusses the importance of careers education, how it applies to different age groups and what advice she has for children and parents discussing career options.

6 May 2022, 24 minutes

Episode 4: Exam Preparation and Dealing with Exam Stress

In this episode of our podcast, our Director of Learning Strategy,  Antonia Fryer-Green, and Exams Officer, Claire Everett-Ellis, explain how children can best prepare for exams and how sometimes space and time to relax before exams can be as important as revising.

22 April 2022, 33 minutes

Episode 3: Gurdip Chana Invites Chris Hemmings to Talk About Positive Masculinity

In this episode of our podcast we’re talking to Gurdip Chana, Diversity and Inclusion Co-ordinator as well as author and journalist Chris Hemmings. Chris, author of Be A Man, has visited Bancroft’s to talk to pupils about positive masculinity.

25 March 2022, 32 minutes

Episode 2: Stepping into the Prep School with Head Joe Layburn

In this episode we’re talking to Joe Layburn – Head of Bancroft’s Prep School. Joe will talk all about the Prep School, what he brings to the role and how Bancroft’s Prep prepares pupils for their future.

11 March 2022, 21 minutes

Episode 1: Simon Marshall, Head of Bancroft’s, opens Bancroft’s new podcast

In our first episode we’re talking to Head of Bancroft’s, Simon Marshall, about life at the school, the challenges a Head faces and what Simon does to unwind during the weekends.

24 February 2022, 23 minutes

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