Serious Fun on Saturdays is an innovative partnership between state and independent schools. Working with SHINE - an education charity which seeks to change the lives of disadvantaged young people by providing them with extra English and Maths support and creative learning opportunities after school, on Saturdays and in the school holidays - independent schools open their doors to lend their teaching facilities and resources to local students from disadvantaged communities.

Bancroft’s and other independent schools host regular Saturday sessions for students from local state schools. The students targeted are those identified as being unlikely to have access to extra educational support at home.

The sessions are designed to be serious, with a clear focus on learning. However, they are also deliberately fun – they take place in a new, exciting environment; they are taught by Bancroft’s staff with Senior School pupils helping out and mentoring and they use creative and alternative teaching methods. The sessions take a fresh approach to core subjects – and some Serious Fun projects introduce completely new topics – building students’ resilience and independent learning skills, as well as their engagement.

Serious Fun gives these student the chance to use our first-class facilities and resources to enrich and extend their learning. They also have the opportunity to meet and mix with students from other schools. This encourages high achievement and personal development.

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