Woodford Wells Ecumenical Church

Please note that due to the current restrictions imposed by COVID-19, the Woodford Wells Ecumenical Church is currently closed until further notice.

Some twenty-seven years ago, around the time when Bancroft’s ceased taking boarders,  a newly founded church was given permission to use the Chapel for worship. And the Woodford Wells Ecumenical Church has been doing so at 11 o’clock on every Sunday since then and playing its part in the local fellowship of Christian churches.

It’s an unusual church: unique in fact. The Church upholds the principle that beliefs shared by all Christians whatever their denomination, are far more important than any differences. For this reason it has forged the closest possible links with all mainstream denominations of the Christian Church, both Protestant and Catholic. Sunday morning services are led by visiting preachers from these denominations and the style of worship in services, therefore, varies from week to week. The Sacrament of Eucharist or Holy Communion is celebrated monthly in either Anglican or Non-Conformist style.

Woodford Wells Ecumenical Church is a member nationally of the Congregational Federation and the Baptist Union of Great Britain and locally of the Woodford Fellowship of Christian Churches and Churches Together in Redbridge. We worship in the Parish of All Saints, Woodford Wells with the support of the vicar and the blessing of the Bishop of Barking.

Woodford Wells Ecumenical Church


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Please note that we have extended our closing date for 16+ (Sixth Form) registrations for September 2021 to Sunday 25 October 2020