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Welcome to Bancroft's, an academic, co-educational, day school. We are looking for bright, naturally inquisitive children to join us who will take full advantage of the range of opportunities we provide. Admission at all stages is by means of written assessments. Every year we receive more applications than we have places. Following our entrance tests, some children may be placed on a waiting list and may be offered places if vacancies arise.

Our pupils come from a diverse mix of backgrounds and we greatly value our multi-ethnic and multi-faith community, believing it to be an ideal nurturing ground for our future society, developing understanding and respect for individuality and for those around us.

We have two main admissions points: at 7+ into Bancroft’s Prep (into Year 3,  Alphas) and at 11+ (into Year 7, Thirds). In addition, we admit a small number of pupils at 16+ (into Year 12, Lower Sixth). Occasionally a small number of pupils join us at 13+ (into Year 9, Lower Fourths).

7+ Entry

We have spaces in the Prep School for approximately 66 pupils at 7+ (Year 3). Entrance is by our own competitive test, held in January of the year of entry. Candidates are invited into the Prep School for testing on two separate occasions. Pupils join us from a very wide range of independent and state schools.

Entry at 7+

11+ Entry

At 11+ (into Year 7), we recruit around a further 60 pupils to join those who transfer from our Prep School. Pupils come from a very wide range of independent and state schools. Our assessments tests are held in January of the year of entry. Children who show promise in these assessments are invited for interview.

Entry at 11+

16+ Entry

We recruit up to 20 pupils at 16+ to join the Lower Sixth (Year 12); these come from a wide range of independent and state schools. Entrance is by our own competitive exams, held in November of the year before entry, i.e. at the beginning of Year 11. Candidates select two papers from a list of subjects Bancroft’s offers at A Level.  They also sit a paper which tests problem solving and other thinking skills. Candidates who show promise in these assessments are invited for interview. Places are awarded conditionally, and candidates are expected to achieve a minimum level of achievement at GCSE.

Entry at 16+

Assisted Places and Awards

The school offers a number of Assisted Places at these three entry points. Assisted Places support pupils of high ability whose parents can provide evidence that they might not otherwise be able to afford the full school fee. The places are awarded on the results of the entrance tests with school reports and interviews playing an important part.

We offer Academic Awards to the top performing candidates in our 11+ testing process. These have no financial value.

Music Awards are offered at 11+ and 16+ during the Spring Term of their first year at Bancroft’s. Although there is no fee remission for Music Awards, the school will cover music lessons for either one or two instruments with our visiting music teachers.

Sports, Art, Drama and Community Awards are available to pupils once they have joined the school. There is no remission of fees attached to any Awards.


Please see the relevant webpages for full details of admissions at each point.



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Booking is now open for our autumn term open events for entry 2023. Open events are as follows: 16+ Thursday 29 September,  7+ Saturday 8 October,  11+ Saturday 12 November. In addition, we are holding regular 11+ tour mornings.  Please click here for details.