Scholarships and Assisted Places at 11+ and 16+ from entry September 2021

From September 2021 onwards, we are changing the way in which we award scholarships at both 11+ and 16+ entry.  Currently the award of an Academic or Music Scholarship at 11+ and 16+ has carried with it a substantial financial benefit, regardless of parental income.

From September 2021, all new scholarships offered will be on an honorary basis and will carry with them only a small financial award. All scholarships will be awarded on a fixed term basis for a maximum of two years (although they will be renewable).

The number of available scholarships will be increased with the introduction of Sport, Drama and Art Scholarships in addition to Academic and Music Scholarships.

From 2021, we will be looking to increase the number of Assisted Places (Means Tested Awards) that we offer.  Currently 5% of our pupils have Assisted Places  and we would very much like to increase this figure so enabling more talented children to enjoy a Bancroft’s education regardless of their families’ finances.

These changes will not affect the current holders of scholarships and there will be no change to the fee remission that is enjoyed by parents of pupils currently awarded a scholarship.

This will only apply for all new scholarships from entry September 2021 onwards and will not affect any pupils applying for a place in September 2020.

Further details about the types of new scholarships we are offering, their criteria and duration will be published shortly when available.

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