Scholarships & Means Tested Awards

The School awards Academic Scholarships (including Drapers’ Scholarships), Means Tested Awards (including Francis Bancroft Awards and Foundation Awards) and Music Scholarships.

In assessing potential scholars, we look for academic leadership and intellectual curiosity.  We try to distinguish the bright from the well drilled, the inspired from the effective and we aim to uncover flair.  Considerable time is taken to ensure that the process is fair.

Candidates who are not awarded a Scholarship or Means Tested Award may be offered a fee-paying place at the School. Those who have applied for Scholarships and Means Tested Awards only are not considered for fee-paying places, even if their performance was good enough to have earned them a place in the School.

Candidates who are offered a Scholarship or Means Tested Award must also fulfill the minimum entry requirements.  These awards continue whilst the pupil maintains their educational potential and abides by the School rules and policies.






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