Scholarships & Means Tested Awards at 11+ for entry 2020

Academic Scholarships

Academic Scholarships (including Drapers’ Scholarships) each covering up to one tenth, one quarter, one third or one half of the full school fee are awarded on the basis of academic distinction in the 11+ entrance exam and at interview, without reference to parental income. Competition for Scholarships is high. There is no separate examination for those wishing to be considered for Scholarships. School reports and interviews are a vital part of the selection process.

Means Tested Awards

Means Tested Awards (including Francis Bancroft Awards and Foundation Awards,  also known as bursaries) are designed to support pupils of high ability whose parents provide evidence that they might not otherwise be able to afford the full school fee.  The value of an award depends on a number of factors, including total income and the number of dependent children.  The assessment of the level of financial assistance is calculated on a graduated scale after parents/guardians have submitted a comprehensive confidential statement of their income and assets on a duly completed Financial Disclosure Form (FDF), together with any additional information, confirmations and supporting documentation which may be required.

Means Tested Awards are awarded based on the results of the 11+ Entrance Examination, with school reports and interviews playing an important part.

A Financial Disclosure Form (FDF) will be sent to you separately if you have shown on the Registration Form your interest for your child to be considered for a Means Tested Award.

Music Scholarships at 11+

11+ Music Scholarship Application Form

Music Scholarships are awarded to children with outstanding musical talent.  At 11+ up to two Music Scholarships, each  worth either one half or one quarter of the full school fee plus free tuition on one instrument at school are available. Music Exhibitions may also be awarded in recognition of musical talent and include free tuition on one instrument at School.

Music Scholars are expected to play a leading role in school music and to make a significant contribution to musical activities, including participation in school choirs.

Music Scholarships and Exhibitions are awarded on the basis of the School’s entrance examination, an audition, and an interview.  Music Scholarship candidates must pass Bancroft’s entrance examination.  We also require a report from the candidate’s current Head Teacher and references from the candidate’s instrumental teachers.  Following the academic entrance examination in January, candidates whose reports and references are promising are invited for an audition.

Music Auditions

Auditions for Music Scholarships will take place on Monday 20 and Tuesday 21 January 2020.

Candidates are expected to be Grade 5 merit or equivalent on their first instrument, but need not be of such a high standard on their second instrument.  At the audition, children will be asked to:

  • perform two contrasting pieces on their main instrument
  • perform one piece on a second instrument
  • undertake sight-reading
  • undertake aural tests
  • undergo an short interview

Solos for the audition must be properly prepared under a teacher’s guidance.  In the case of the recorder and singing, for example, it is not usually sufficient to have played or sung in a large class group.  The ability to read from musical notation, vocal quality above the average and intelligent interpretation should all be evident.  There is no written examination. Candidates are welcome to provide their own accompanist if they wish, though this is by no means essential. Music which requires an accompaniment must not be performed unaccompanied.

It is not possible to accept the electronic organ; otherwise, there are no constraints on the instruments which may be offered except that we would expect the instrument to be one which is included for examination by ABRSM, Trinity of Trinity Rock School.


You will need to arrange for our Director of Music to receive a letter of recommendation from your child’s music teacher(s) outlining standard and potential together with the completed Music Scholarship Application Form.  It would also be helpful if you could list the performances, both at school and outside of school,  in which your child has taken part.  These letters must be sent to Mrs Wallis, Admissions Registrar, for Mrs Whitbread’s attention, before 13 December 2019.

To apply for a place in year 7 starting in September 2020, candidates must complete and submit a registration form before 1 December 2019.   A single (non-returnable) registration fee of £125 is required,  Please note that if you are only applying for a Means Tested Award, the registration form is reduced to £20. (Cheques should be made payable to Bancroft’s School).  A copy of the candidate’s birth certificate  or passport must accompany all applications.

Further information and application forms are available from The Admissions Registrar, Mrs Stephanie Wallis:

0208 506 6761

Please note that we are changing the way in which we award scholarships  at 11+ from September 2021.

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