Aims and Values


  • To provide our children with the best possible academic education, and to help them reach their full potential, whilst also ensuring that they are happy and well-rounded individuals.

  • To offer our children a rich and diverse range of experiences; to help them find areas where they can excel or simply have fun; to encourage their natural curiosity; to make sure they enjoy their school life.

  • To build strong relationships between children, staff and parents; to ensure that our School is a happy, supportive community and safe place where children are encouraged to use their initiative but are not afraid to ask for help.

  • To celebrate the vibrant multi-cultural environment which is our school community; to encourage our children to appreciate what they have in common with each other as well as to respect differences.

  • To help our children recognise their privileges and advantages; to engender in them a compassion for others who are less fortunate; to encourage them to find practical ways in which they can make the wider world a better place.


The happiness of all the children in our care is fundamental to our approach. We are very proud of our excellent academic results. We are also proud that these are achieved alongside our children's personal and social development.

The children at Bancroft’s Prep School benefit from being taught by enthusiastic, specialist teachers, but a strong pastoral structure, with the class teacher at its centre, ensures that their emotional wellbeing is cared for too.

At Bancroft’s Prep we do not believe in encumbering children with too many rules and sanctions but focus instead on positive behaviour and rewards.

Our headline ‘3 ½ School Rules’ reinforce our ethos:

  • Everyone has the right to be happy.
  • Respect other people and their property.
  • Use your common sense.
  • If in doubt, ask.

Ultimately we believe it is our role to bring out the very best in our children, both academically and in terms of their emotional intelligence.

 We want to help prepare them for life in the world outside where the ability to form positive relationships and to lead a happy life is as important as the ability to read or reckon. We want our children to have fun while they learn; in this way, we believe they will derive a lifelong love of learning.

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