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We are delighted to be able to offer individual music lessons on all orchestral instruments, piano, singing, pop vocals, drum kit, and orchestral percussion.  These lessons are delivered on a weekly basis by our team of twenty eight dedicated specialist music teachers. The lessons, of 30 minutes duration, take place during the school day on a 'rotational' basis throughout the term, this means that pupils come out of academic lessons to have their individual music lessons.

Depending on the length of each term, 10 lessons on average are given and a termly charge is made, in advance.  The cost per weekly lesson from September 2022 is £21 (for 30 minutes); this will increase to £22 from April 2023. Invoices are sent by the individual teacher directly to the parent.

Pupils are expected to observe the published timetable and must inform their instrumental teacher or Mr Adam Baum, Director of Music, as soon as possible if for any reason they are unable to attend their lesson.  No remission of fees is allowed for missed lessons unless the circumstances are exceptional.  If lessons are to be discontinued, one term’s notice in writing is required or fees in lieu.

Pupils may wish to begin by hiring an instrument.  Information about rental schemes is available at School and teachers will be happy to offer appropriate advice.  Once tuition at Bancroft’s has been accepted, it is expected that pupils do not receive tuition on the same instrument from an external teacher at the same time as learning in School.

Instrumentalists who learn in or out of school are expected and encouraged to take part in school ensembles and to take full advantage of the facilities and opportunities offered to them.  All singers and musicians are encouraged to practise their aural skills by joining a school choir.

There is a wide variety of extra-curricular musical activity at Bancroft’s Prep, including a number of choirs, orchestras and bands,

Please complete the form below, as soon as possible, but no later than Friday 24 June to secure your place for September 2022.  Allocated teachers will make contact with parents to introduce themselves before the start of the new academic year.

To enquire about music lessons, please contact our Director of Music, Mr Adam Baum:

Terms and Conditions for Music Tuition

  • FEES for 2022 entry: the teacher’s fee for a weekly 30 minutes lesson is £21 increasing to £22 from April 2023. Payment of fees is due in advance of the commencement of the term to which it relates.  A £10 surcharge will be added to any invoice remaining unpaid after 21 days from the beginning of the term to which it relates.
  • LESSONS MISSED: a pupil’s non-attendance will be charged for, unless the circumstances, in the teacher’s opinion, warrant special concession. If a lesson has to be cancelled by a teacher it will be carried forward to a later date, or the appropriate fee refunded at the end of the relevant term.
  • EXAMINATIONS, COMPETITIONS AND PERFORMANCES: the teacher will not enter the pupil for any examination or competition without the parent/guardian’s consent; the pupil will not enter any examination, competition or make any public performance without consultation with the teacher.
  • TUITION: will normally start in the first week of term and continue on a weekly basis until the end of term. Lessons are arranged on a rotating basis and take place during the course of a normal school day. Whilst receiving tuition from a Bancroft’s teacher, pupils should not have external tuition on the same instrument. Lessons are provided in school or online if the school has to close for any reason.
  • TERMINATION OF TUITION: to cease lessons, a whole term’s notice must be given in writing to the visiting Music Teacher. Lessons cannot be suspended for one term only, (e.g. academic examination terms), as the teacher cannot guarantee the pupil a place after that, unless the full term’s fees are paid.  The teacher will be prepared to negotiate a suitable timetable with the pupil in an examination period.
  • MATERIALS: supplied by the teacher to the pupil during the course of a term will be invoiced in arrears at the end of term.
  • CO-OPERATION: while the teacher will make every reasonable effort to improve the knowledge and ability of the pupil, the pupil cannot expect to improve unless he/she fully co-operates with the teacher, and adheres to the practice schedule advised by the teacher.
  • CHANGES IN RATES OF TUITION: will be passed to parent/guardian no later than the end of the Spring Term for lessons in the academic year starting the following September.
  • TIMETABLE: lessons are on a rotating basis out of academic lessons during the school day and lessons outside the timetable will be prioritised to pupils following GCSE and A Level courses. The teacher and Director of Music reserve the right to allocate lessons to other pupils outside the timetable in special circumstances.
  • PRACTICE DIARY: pupils will be given a practice diary, which will be charged to sundries on Parental invoices.

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