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A first rate careers education helps pupils identify how their strengths, weaknesses and interests relate to the world of work. At Bancroft’s pupils are given a range of experiences to learn about different careers and opportunities available to them. Through their time at Bancroft’s each pupil is provided with individual guidance about education and training beyond school to help them make the most of their abilities and skills. Such advice and guidance is available across all year groups.

Careers education is introduced through PSE activities in Year 8 when pupils participate in a series of classroom based activities called ‘The Real Game’ to inform them about the opportunities and responsibilities that come with being an adult. All Year 9 pupils have a personal login to the website ‘Success at School’ to begin to research careers independently and with form Tutors. All pupils have a one to one meeting with their Junior House Master/Mistress and Tutor to discuss their GCSE options.

Year 10 pupils are offered the chance to sit tests administered by the Morrisby organisation; these provide pupils with guidance on their suitability for professions based on their abilities and interests. The tests are followed up by one to one interviews with Morrisby staff at the start of year 11 when pupils can discuss test results and A Level and career choices. Pupils who do not take the Morrisby test have a careers interview with the Head of Middle School before the options evening in the autumn term.

We encourage Year 11 pupils to arrange work experience placements in the holidays to gain an insight into adult working environments, foster their interest in careers and support future university and job applications.  During Year 11 pupils attend presentations on how to write a curriculum vitae and on the value of work experience. All Year 11 pupils have a one to one meeting with their House Master/Mistress and Tutor to discuss A Level options.

In the Lower Sixth (Year 12), pupils sit Centigrade Tests administered by the COA (Cambridge Occupational Analysts) organisation. The tests provide guidance on suitability for professions based on abilities and interests. After the test, a full and detailed personalised report is produced for each pupil. In the summer term, we hold a careers day for L6 pupils in conjunction with the Old Bancroftians’ Association and parent volunteers. Pupils benefit from a range of careers related activities over the course of the day including a mock job interview. They receive feedback on their interview technique, letters of application and curriculum vitae. They also participate in seminars led by outside professionals to discuss a variety of careers and attend a lecture on the importance of internships in industry.

All pupils in the Upper Sixth (Year 13) have a one to one meeting with their Housemaster and Tutor to discuss university options. The Head of Sixth Form is also be available to meet with parents and pupils to give further advice.

A number of workshops on university applications are laid on throughout the Lower and Upper Sixth. The actual UCAS process begins around the end of June in the Lower Sixth year, and throughout this period advice, training and help is given. Applications are thoroughly checked and processed in the autumn term.  Almost all Upper Sixth formers chose to go to University, with about a tenth of them each year opting to take a gap year. The following universities have become the most popular destinations over recent years; Cambridge, Nottingham, Durham, Manchester, Bristol and King’s College London, with the most popular courses being Economics/Business Studies, Medicine (including Dentistry and Vet Science), Engineering, Geography, Natural Sciences and Modern Languages.

We hold a biennial Careers Fair which is open to all in the final four years at the school. This allows pupils and parents to meet a wide range of careers and discuss appropriate pathways, including whether or not university education is appropriate. In addition, termly career lectures take place. Speakers from the Old Bancroftians’ Association are invited in to speak about their particular careers, each event focussing on a different employment area.

All career advice is impartial and makes provision for the wide range of career options on offer. It is designed to ensure pupils are best placed to fulfil their full potential, with Junior Housemistresses and Housemasters helping pupils to “know themselves” and how their strengths and weaknesses and interests relate to the world of work.

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