Following a strong recommendation from the Governing Bodies of Schools’ Rugby and Hockey, the School’s policy is that all pupils playing rugby and hockey must wear a mouthguard.

To facilitate this, we have, as in previous years, arranged for OPRO™, the National Dental Mouthguard Organisation, to visit Bancroft’s on Tuesday 14 September 2021 to take impressions.  The Games Department will give full details to pupils when they start in September. The mouthguards will be delivered back to the pupils approximately ten working days’ after the fitting.

Bancroft’s has used OPRO™ for a number of years now and has found this system efficient and competitively priced.  The price is between £36 to £56 per shield (depending on the design), which compares favourably with costs in many other schools and local dentists.  In addition, the model of your child’s mouth is kept by the OPRO™ laboratory, so that should a replacement be needed, one can be easily supplied.  The price also includes a very comprehensive dental warranty in the event of injury.



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