Public Examinations

Public examination results 2018

Results  are released as following:

GCSE(CIE Board only)  French, German and Spanish – Tuesday 14 August
GCE/FSMQ – Thursday 16 August
GCSE – Thursday 23rAugust

Tuesday 14 August: GCSE pupils can access their French, German and Spanish results via the Pupil Portal from 9.00am. Please note that as this is not the main GCSE Results day and there will be no staff in school on that day to assist with enquiries.

Thursday 16 August: all A Level and FSMQ pupils can access their results via the Pupil Portal from 6.00am. This is so that those who don’t make their Uni offers are prepared once clearing opens at 7.00am.

At 8.00am, the Dining Hall will be open for pupils to collect hard copies of their results. Results will be distributed by External Invigilators. Member of staff will also be on hand to offer support and advice to those who have not made their Uni offers.

Thursday 23 August: pupils can collect their results from School between 9.00am-10.00am. GCSE results will be available via the Pupil Portal from 11.00am. Once again Results are distributed by External Invigilators and staff will be available to offer support at this time. Please note, however, that any queries regarding GCSE remarks will not be dealt with until we return to School in September.

Any results envelopes not collected from School by 10.00am are taken to reception and will be posted later that day.


A level pupils who are unhappy with their results have the following options

  1. Priority Remark and Copy of script- This is SOLELY for the use of those whose University place is dependent upon the outcome.( U6 only) DEADLINE 12.00pm on Monday 20 August
  2. Non- priority Remark- This is for L6 pupils and U6 pupils who have already secured a University place. All Non –Priority remarks MUST be approved and signed off by subject Head of Department.  DEADLINE 4.00pm on Tuesday 11 September
  3. GCSE remark- The only way this can be decided on is by looking at Grade Boundaries. HODs will need to approve and sign off these requests. DEADLINE 4.00pm on Tuesday 11 September

Pupils can also ask for copies of their scripts

  1. Access to photocopied scripts – this can be shown to a subject teacher to see if it is worth getting a re-mark (Non Priority) or as a Teaching and Learning Aid. DEADLINE 4.00pm on Tuesday 21 August
  2. GCSE pupils can only ask for their ORIGINAL script. Pupils requiring a re-mark SHOULD NOT request this. Scripts should only be ordered for Teaching and Learning purposes. DEADLINE 4.00pm on Monday 17 September

All POST RESULTS forms will be available in the School office and need to be completed by hand and then returned to the School Office. The cost of post result enquiries are added to sundries accounts but in the case of U6 payment should be made to the School Office at the time of returning the form. Requests will not be processed without prior payment.

No GCSE post results service will be available until we return to School in September. The only exception to this is where a pupil’s Sixth Form place is at stake.

Exam results will not be communicated over the phone nor sent by email.

A reminder of ways to access results:

  • Access Pupil Portal
  • Collect hard copy from School
  • Arrange for a representative to collect your results for you.  (A permission letter will be required for this, please forward this to Mrs Fryer-Green, Exams officer)

Examination Boards

The following information about public examinations  is available to download.

Examination Boards for GCSE

Examination Boards for A Levels

Bancroft’s Policy Documents

Internal Appeals Procedures

Exams Policy

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