Bancroft’s Sixth Form Charter

As members of Bancroft’s Sixth Form, pupils develop a set of values, attributes and skills that collectively form the Sixth Form Charter. It is underpinned by the core values of the school and is intended to provide a transformative experience so our pupils achieve their academic potential alongside developing a range of individual life skills that will enable them to flourish both during and after Bancroft’s.

To achieve the Sixth Form Charter, there are six core areas that pupils must focus on during their two Sixth Form years. A significant emphasis is placed upon independence and ownership and pupils are expected to oversee and manage most sections of the charter in their own time.

Learning & Scholarship  All Bancroft’s Sixth Form pupils will strive for excellence, developing a scholarly approach to learning, either with three A-levels and EPQ or four A-Levels.
Enquiry & Independence  All Bancroft’s Sixth Form pupils will be taught research skills, enabling you to complete independent, academic enrichment.
Community & Service  All Bancroft’s Sixth Form pupils will be involved with the school community through service; running societies, clubs, peer mentoring or volunteering.
Creativity & Activity  All Bancroft’s Sixth Form pupils will undertake activities involving personal challenge, setting long term goals outside the school curriculum.
Competencies & Life Skills  All Bancroft’s Sixth Form pupils will receive higher education and careers preparation as well as other practical and personal life skills
Leadership & Communication  All Bancroft’s Sixth Form pupils will receive leadership training and be expected to partake in activities requiring teamwork.

The Successful Charter

Assessment of the charter takes the form of an end of year interview with one of the Sixth Form team. Successful completion is central to transition to university and further career path. We live in an era of growing challenges and competition; young people need to do all they can to arm themselves with the skills, knowledge, attributes and personal qualities that will allow them to flourish and succeed, first and foremost as individuals, but also in whatever they choose to do after they finish Bancroft’s.



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