31 Medals for Bancroftians in Physics Olympiad

We are immensely proud of our young physicists who secured an impressive 31 medals in the British Physics Olympiad: 10 Golds, 12 Silvers, and 9 Bronzes.

Hareena in the Upper Fourth kindly shared her experience with us:

‘In April 2024, 32 Upper Fourth students participated the Y10 Physics Olympiad. This was an exciting opportunity that allowed us to test our knowledge, as well as grow our appreciation for the subject.

We were unsure of what to expect when we signed up for this competition, but we were all pleasantly surprised as it was an extremely rewarding experience. I am very grateful that I got involved in this challenge because it has undoubtedly increased my interest in Physics and I am keen to be a part of more Physics Olympiads in the future.

The Y10 Junior Physics Challenge is based on an assortment of topics; this included familiar, curriculum topics such as Energy, Electricity and Forces. However, there were also general knowledge questions, and some which had to be deduced through the process of elimination. This added a layer of difficulty to the competition, encouraging us to think more outside the box, and apply our knowledge in new situations. The challenge consisted of two 25 minute papers, each one made up of 30 multiple choice questions. Though it was entirely multiple choice, it was far from easy –  we had to use problem solving skills, thinking carefully about the best way to approach tricky questions.

The challenge took place in the library computers, the familiarity of the venue made it comfortable, and we were able to focus well in the quiet environment. We all sat at a computer, full of anticipation and excitement as we entered our details and waited for the challenge to begin.

Although we were slightly nervous, there was an overall atmosphere of enthusiasm. As we began to tackle the questions, there was a sense of achievement as we recalled our previous knowledge and worked hard to try and obtain the correct answer. It was definitely a mental challenge, but ultimately it boosted our confidence; we were proud that we persevered and made good progress.

Overall, the Y10 Physics Online Olympiad was an enriching experience. We were all glad that we took part in it – we would certainly recommend it not only to those who have an existing passion for physics, but also to those who just want to try something new.

Taking part in a nationwide competition, against people our age across the country, was a fantastic opportunity to challenge ourselves and gain a deeper understanding of the subject. We are all proud of our achievements and enjoyed testing our knowledge outside the classroom environment.’

By Hareena (U4th)

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