Head of Swimming: Trish Brennan

Swimmers at Bancroft’s benefit from the school’s 25 metre, four lane indoor swimming pool. Swimming is a “Sport for All” and swimming lessons are a key part of the PE Curriculum; many swimmers are grown through the School.

At Bancroft’s our focus is on being efficient in the water. We move forwards in the water because we reduce drag and then add efficient propulsion while remaining streamlined. When done correctly swimming is a relaxing and mindful practice and a great way to relieve stress.

We recognise swimming as an essential life skill and a pathway to lifelong fitness. Students practice all four competitive strokes and race skills. They are given a taste of Waterpolo and Artistic Swimming. Water safety skills and skills for swimming in open water are included. At Bancrofts we feel everyone can enjoy swimming regardless of their speed through the water or their previous aquatic experiences.

In addition to PE swim lessons, we run squad swim training with a session before and after school. Keen swimmers advance their skills creating speed through high efficiency swimming. We make use of underwater video footage which gives valuable insights into where improvements can be made. Our state of the art gym also develops pupils as athletes, looking at strength and conditioning.

Bancroftian’s participate in competitive and fun swim races. Each year we hold Interhouse galas for all junior and middle school students. Interschool swim galas take place after school with galas throughout the academic year. Teams are entered into the Bath Cup (National Public School Relays) and the London Swim League.

Swimming is a popular choice as a physical activity for pupils participating in the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.

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