Meet Our Sixth Formers – Keira, U6

A Levels:

Maths, English and Drama. (I know it’s a bit controversial for people to take both Maths and English but I love them both!)

Degree or Future Aspirations:

I’m hoping to study Liberal Arts with a Major in Film Studies! Many people don’t know what Liberal Arts is, but it’s essentially a really unique course for those who want to continue exploring a wide range of subjects: for me this would be Film, Drama, English and maybe a side of Politics! It has become increasingly popular in previous years, so I’m really hoping to secure a place on the course!

Since I was younger, I’ve wanted to be in the Performing industry. Musical Theatre is my real passion, but I’ve recently begun to explore a more Television and Film side to things, even being on my first TV set earlier this year!

Positions of Leadership:

I am Head of Performing Arts for West House

Co-Curricular Activities:

These have always been a huge part of my school experience, and I find that Bancroft’s really allows me to explore all of my hobbies outside of the classroom. I’ve always been involved in school productions (which I can safely say are some of the most professional and incredible shows I’ve ever done): I’ve played Smee in Wendy and Peter, Tallulah in Bugsy Malone’ and this past year I was part of the  lighting team for the Junior Production. I also perform in three bands, which range from pop to rock to soul music and the Bancroft’s Barbers, our acapella group  – I’m definitely more of a creative person than a sportswoman! I was given the Drapers Award for Drama and Community this year, as well as School Colours for Music and Drama, being recognised like this simply encourages me to want to keep going.

Outside School:

I take Guitar lessons, and I’ve been at musical theatre weekend schools since I was four, even receiving my Grade 8 PAA which is equivalent to an A-Level! I also learn Italian once a week: This year I was extremely fortunate to perform in a British Youth Musical Theatre (BYMT) production, encouraged by my school drama teacher don’t think I would’ve auditioned if it weren’t for her!! I also auditioned for a short TV series which I was lucky enough to be given the role for! My confidence has definitely grown since I’ve been at Bancrofts and I can’t wait to see what happens next!

How Bancroft’s has supported my progress:

Bancroft’s gives a great hand to people like me who want to pursue a more creative direction with their future, from the large-scale productions for which we have incredible lighting and costume, to the drama department who have helped me with auditions and my own personal development, as well as the music department which supports each and every genre of music and level of musician. I have had a fantastic overall experience at Bancrofts to keep me well rounded and entertain all of my hobbies and passions. The school never fail to take us to see the most engaging and outstanding productions: and we’ve also had theatre workshops in school with some of the biggest companies such as ‘Frantic Assembly’. My skills have grown so much from watching and participating in all of these events!

The best things about Bancroft’s Sixth Form:

I love how we have our own common room space separate to the rest of the school, and also our own library and computer room.  Being so high up in the school and having to tackle the most ruthless exams of A-Levels, giving us this space is great to ensure we have the things we need and space to both work and relax.  The café is also a mega bonus (especially the cookies)!


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