Meet our Sixth Formers – Raoul, L6

A Level Subjects:

Maths, Economics, Geography, Politics

 Career Aspirations:

I’m currently at the start of the L6 so this might be a bit vague:  I would like to go into finance

 Positions of Responsibility:

I am a Lance Corporal in the CCF and coach the U14 football squad.

Co-Curricular Activities:

I play for the 2ns XI football team; am a member of the CCF.  I am a member of the Debating and Geography Societies.  I also act and take part in house competitions such as House Performing Arts.

Interests Outside of School:

I like football and swimming I also enjoy volunteering at football.

Best things about the Sixth Form:

The transition from GCSEs to Sixth Form was very smooth. The workload hasn’t been too much as of yet, and the teachers have helped for us to move in at our own pace. Bancroft’s Sixth Form is a very enjoyable place where there is a lot of freedom and many opportunities available for us. Every day there is a society or a club and there is something for everyone no matter what you enjoy. The facilities at Bancroft’s are amazing and there is a sport for everyone.

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