Learning for Life

The Bancroft's Learning for Life (formerly PSHE) curriculum has come a long way in the last two years. We now have a scaffolding scheme of work for each year group that introduces topics in an age appropriate way under the three headings: Living in the Wider World; Health and Wellbeing;
Sex and Relationships.

Pupils have a 50 minute lesson every two weeks (3rds every week) with topics being taught by their tutor or sometimes a visiting speaker. We have invested in new modern resources to enable teachers to navigate, through class discussion and small group work, a range of issues which we believe will help children to make more informed choices. Sex and Relationships education now has to be delivered by law and you can find the Bancroft’s Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) policy below. A team of staff have been training to deliver RSE as we know that learning about these topics is much more beneficial in small groups and by someone who is familiar to the pupils.

Relationships and Sex Education Policy

In summer 2021, we held our first focus mornings/days for Learning for Life where pupils could immerse themselves in topics and issues and consider information in more depth.

You can download our Learning for Life curriculum maps for all year groups from the links below.

Third Form (Year 7)

Removes (Year 8)


Upper Fourth(Year 10)

Fifth Form (Year 11)

Lower Sixth (Year 12)

Upper Sixth (Year 13)

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