Sixth Form

Life in the Sixth Form at Bancroft’s will provide an exciting and hugely rewarding experience. It will not only prepare you for the rigours of A-Levels, but provide a transformative experience that will equip you with the life skills that will enable you to flourish whatever your chosen career path may be.

The Sixth Form is a time to develop your personal talents and interests, your scholarly approach to study, and your skills of leadership and teamwork so that you are ready to take on the challenges of life beyond school. The two years in the Sixth Form act as a bridge between the relatively ordered style of GCSE courses and the much freer life at university and beyond.

The aim of the Sixth Form is to enable the young people of Bancroft’s School to achieve not only their academic potential but to also develop in them the skills and attributes which are essential to success in later life.

Phillip Harrison, Head of Sixth Form

Every year, the majority of our Fifth Form pupils will remain at Bancroft’s and join our Sixth Form after their GCSEs; we also welcome new pupils into the Sixth Form from a range of schools.  If you are interested in joining us into the Lower Sixth (Year 12), you will find the information in our Admissions section useful.


Sixth Form Curriculum Booklet 2023-2024

What's it like to be a Sixth Former at Bancroft's?

In this episode of Bancroft’s Broadcast, we meet the people who can really let us know, the Sixth Form students themselves. Faith, Amina, Maanvi, and Joe have lots to share with us about how they decided where and what to study, how Sixth Form feels a little different, and what else they’ve learned along the way.

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