We aim to provide our children with the best possible academic education, and to help them to be the best they can be, whilst also ensuring that they are happy and well-rounded individuals.


We want our children to be active, reflective learners with learning habits which will set them up for life. We want them to share in an ongoing dialogue with their teachers about their learning. We want Bancroft’s Prep to be imbued with a genuine spirit of inquiry.

Children are encouraged to take responsibility of their own learning journey; they are able to evaluate their work and understand where and how to make progress. We encourage parents to be involved with their children’s learning, so they too understand their children’s strengths and areas for improvement.

Children are taught by their class teacher wherever possible; the relationship between a child and their class teacher is vital in terms of pastoral care. In addition, we have a number of specialist subject teachers, for example, Art, Music, Computing, Physical Education, French and German.

‘excellent and inspiring teaching’

Independent Schools Inspectorate, January 2014

The Curriculum

Our curriculum is dynamic, progressive and fluid. We will always make adjustments to meet the needs of year groups, classes and individual children.  It has been put together with the National Curriculum in mind and is broad, balanced, and designed to engage, challenge and inspire our bright children.

Children have fun in their learning. We encourage them to think, ask questions and solve problems. This philosophy can be found across the curriculum. For example, in Maths, Science and Computing we focus on the ‘how’ and the ‘why,’ the underlying concepts, rather than simply giving the answer.

Our approach to English is centred on quality texts. The focus is on analysis and interpretation through reading and creativity in writing. History and Geography encourage children to be curious about the world. Our broad curriculum is practical and covers the UK and the rest of the world.

Personal Development is a subject area which includes Religious Studies; Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural Education; Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education. The lessons are designed to address issues around these themes and, as with all subjects, we encourage children to have an open dialogue with teachers.

Along with playing sport during PE and Games sessions, children have the opportunity to participate in fixtures and tournaments involving other local schools.


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