Parents’ Association

The Parents' Association for Bancroft's School is a well established element of school life. The broad aim of the Association is to enhance the already outstanding environment of the School. The Association runs various events during the school year to provide funds, which we then distribute by way of equipment, events and provisions which complement the activities of the School.

With the support of the School and parents, the PA organises some very profitable events in the academic year, including the annual Christmas Fayre, Quiz Night and Summer Ball.  In 2018-2019, PA events raised over £26,000 for the School,  The following were purchased at the request of the School:

  1. A waterproof, large-screen TV for the School swimming pool. This will be used by the swimming coaches in conjunction with iPads to improve pupils’ swimming technique as part of the Total Immersion Swimming Programme which is used in both the Prep and Senior Schools.
  1. Two sets of 66 Bancroft’s Prep School branded, high visibility jackets (in Alpha/Beta size and in Prep 1/Prep 2 size) for use on Prep school trips on public transport.
  1. Thirteen benches with dedication plaques.

These purchases follow the £7,500 donated by the PA for the Prep School Library makeover, a bass guitar, a bass amp, an electric guitar, a guitar amp and a drum kit for the Senior School and new gazebos for use at Sports Day any other events.

The PA  Committee 2020-21 is:

  • Chair  – Samia Dar
  • Vice Chair – Sumeeta Auckloo
  • Treasurer – Esther Penn
  • Vice Treasurer – Bansi Shah
  • Secretary – Andrew Ross
  • Vice Secretary – Bahia Daifi

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