Parents’ Association

Bancroft's Parents' Association, with the support of the school and parents, organises various events throughout the school year to raise funds.

Our mission is to enhance the experience of all the pupils at Bancroft’s.

We are an integral and active part of the Bancroft’s community, providing a social link and a collaborative relationship by working closely with the school.

All officers and full members volunteer their time to work with the school, families and the local community to provide better opportunities for all the children via an array of events.

Our events and activities run across the school years and range from social events, such as fireworks, themed ball and camping to more traditional key events such as Fayres and Parent/Staff matches.

All money raised goes directly towards enhancing the experience for the children. Please see our newsletter attached with further details – will share soon

It is only through the generosity of parents giving up their time that we can run these events and the success of our events depends on parents continuing to offer their support. Volunteering at the events is a fun and rewarding way to get involved with our community and to get to know parents from across other year groups in the school.

If would like any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us on


The PA Committee 2023-24

Chair: Dr Sumeeta Dhir
Vice chair: Mrs Bahia Daifi
Secretary: Mrs Shalini Kakkar
Vice Secretary: Mrs Belinda John-Baptiste
Treasurer: Mrs Narinder Hare
Vice treasurer: Mrs Tamsin James.

We have several events lined up for the rest of the school year and look forward to members of the Bancroft’s community joining us:
Event Date
Family Camping Weekend Friday 16 to Saturday 18 June 2024
Staff v Parents Cricket Match 18th June 2024
Prep 2 Leavers’ Event 3rd July 2024
Welcome to the PA evening 19th September 2024
Alpha/ Beta Magic show 27th September 2024
Gatsby Ball Saturday 5th October 2024
AGM 8th October 2024
Fireworks & Funfair Friday 8th November 2024
Prep Panto 2nd December 2024
Comedy & Curry January/ February 2025

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