Hayden Poon OB 2011-2018 

I am thankful to have had the opportunity of attending a prestigious independent school thanks to the Bancroft’s Foundation. It greatly benefited me to have had this education in the form of my GCSE and A Level grades as well as my work ethic and attitude to learning. My assisted place allowed to me to achieve 10 A*s and 1 A in GCSEs and A*BB A level grades allowing me to attend a respected Russell group university.  The quality of teaching I experienced transferred to the skills and knowledge required for my university learning and I am grateful for my time at Bancroft’s.

Bancroft’s promotes a very strong work-ethic and environment for academic excellence as almost all the students are eager to learn and achieve their maximum potential.

I am a strong proponent of assisted places as they give an opportunity for those from more financially challenged families to break through the barriers of social inequalities by having the same education.

Sophie Turrell OB 2013-2015

My assisted place gave me the opportunity to progress further than I would have had the opportunity to. I was left beaten and unmotivated by the state school system and having the opportunity to attend Bancroft’s changed my outlook for my future. I have gained so many amazing friendships with students and staff alike.

Thanks to the assisted place I received and all the opportunities that I have been presented with since, I am now the holder of a training contract, and will be going on to qualify as a solicitor! Thank you for everything everyone has done for me.

Daniel Morgan Thomas OB 2005-2012

Receiving a Bancroft’s education gave me the opportunity to thrive educationally and personally in my time at the school. Without an assisted place, I could not have imagined attending and would have missed out on being stretched and challenged academically in an environment that instilled the highest possible standards. I would also have missed out on the wide range of cultural activities that defined my time at school, from choral singing and drama to public speaking and quizzing! Considering the amount of support I received, I was always impressed that I was never treated any differently– in fact I was actively encouraged to take part in activities like school trips that I required additional funding to take part in. I am very grateful to have received so much support and hope the school is successful in raising further funds.

Luke Savage OB 1972-1979

More years ago than I care to remember I was fortunate to win a scholarship that saw me spend seven happy and productive years receiving a first class education at Bancroft’s.  That proved to be the launch pad to a good degree and subsequently a successful career in the City.

Looking back over the past 40+ years it’s hard to overstate just how much a difference it made to my life and I realise just how lucky I was to have had such a great opportunity.   That’s why I am so supportive of the work of the Foundation: it’s about giving the next generation that lucky start that enables them to break through the financial barriers to a great education and to fulfil their potential.

Steve Sonnis OB 1956-1962

Like many OBs of my generation, I attended Bancroft’s for free, courtesy of Essex County Council.  There was no way my family could have afforded the fees!

Since leaving School, my involvement with the Bancroftian community has given me great pleasure. First through the rugby club and the golfing society and then, more recently, in the Presidency of the OBA. As President I saw at first hand just how outstanding Bancroft’s had become, in all aspects, not just in terms of exam results.

However, there was a concern that, increasingly, access to this outstanding education depended more and more on the ability to pay the fees. This seemed rather at odds with the principles on which the School had been founded. This was why a small group of us OBs worked closely with the School to establish the Foundation in time for the 275th anniversary celebrations of 2012.

Now that the Foundation has been soundly established, I’m delighted to see Simon Marshall and his management team so determined to take it to a new level. Hopefully, all OBs will feel similarly and will endeavor to make a financial contribution, either now or at some point in the future.

Bob Bewick OB 1956-1963

In 1956, along with over 50% of my entry year to Bancroft’s, I was lucky enough to benefit from an Essex County Council Scholarship without which my parents would have been unable to afford to send me to the School.

I consider that I benefitted enormously from my time at Bancroft’s not only from an academic viewpoint but also from the range of the sports, other extracurricular activities and the lifelong friendships that I made.

I recall being inspired by my Geography Master to pursue a career as a Chartered Surveyor and I consider that Bancroft’s provided me with the strong foundations and confidence which resulted in a rewarding and happy professional/business life.

Now that I am retired, one of the annual events I most look forward to is a reunion held with a number of my old school chums when we often reflect on the happy and rewarding time we spent at Bancroft’s.

As a beneficiary of one of the County Scholarships available in the 1950s/60s, I am very keen to throw my support behind the Bancroft’s Foundation. 

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