At Bancroft’s Prep we want to excite our pupils both in and outside of the classroom, to provide new experiences and allow them to discover their own particular talents. We seek to give the children as broad an education as possible so that they grasp any opportunities which may present themselves and, therefore, fulfill their potential

Alongside our outstanding curriculum, we offer a broad and well balanced Physical Education curriculum, which aims to involve all the children in sport, regardless of their individual ability.

Our activities line up is hugely diverse with a variety of clubs catering for all interests, such as Dance, Trampolining, German, Debate, Art, Science, Sewing and Craft. We also run a large number of Music, Speech and Drama groups.

Within the curriculum there are exciting trips supporting classroom work for every year group to places ranging from the Science and Imperial War Museums to the Colne Valley Railway.

Our Betas (year 4) pupils enjoy an activity break crammed with exciting new challenges, not least of these being the opportunity to experience a holiday independent of their families!

For many years, we have run a popular annual ski trip to Tonale, Italy, jointly with Avon House School for both skiers and non-skiers. Prep 2 (year 6) culminates with the hugely anticipated week in France, which provides our pupils with memories of fun and friendships to take with them as they move to senior school.

When the children leave Bancroft’s Prep we hope that we have ignited some small spark of curiosity in each of them, so that they have discovered something which will stay with them for the years to come.

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