Meet our Sixth Formers – Zahara, L6

A Level Subjects :

Biology, Chemistry, DT and Ancient Greek

 Career aspirations:

Something biology-related, most likely to be medicine.

 Co-Curricular activities:

Currently I am involved with the Dissection and Suturing Society, Biotechnology club and am taking a CPR course.  I am also looking to start my Gold DofE after completing my Silver Award.

 Interests Outside School:

In my free time I like to crochet and bake as well as explore different types of crafts like embroidery, sewing and soap-making.  I am also always looking for a good book to read (which sounds terribly cliché) and I love learning about different languages and the cultures that accompany them. )

 How has the Sixth Form supported my Academic Progress:

Although we have just started Sixth Form, we have already been offered extension clubs that we can join after school, for example, ACE A Level Chemistry, which bolsters the content we learn in class by improving our lateral thinking and encouraging investigating our subject beyond the exam specification.  However, beyond academics, the school has already brought in speakers to talk to us about life outside of what we lovingly call “the Bancroft’s bubble”.

 Best things about the Sixth Form:

Personally, the best thing about the Sixth Form for me has been the fact that we are learning about subjects that we truly enjoy.  In the Sixth Form, because majority of people pick A-Levels they are likely to enjoy, the classes seem much more driven and the topics we learn are easier to engage with.  This is all made easier by the smaller class sizes, which also allows us to speak with and get to know our classmates a lot more than we previously would have lower down in the school.  Another bonus is the independence we are given in the form of the Common Room.  Having a Café and a space just where we can socialise and work outside of lessons imparts to us the responsibility that we now have as the oldest years in the school.

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