Senior School Awards

Bancroft's prizes scholarship and learning highly but it is our policy only to give fee-remission for pupils who otherwise would not be able to attend the school; all Assisted Places (Bursaries) at Bancroft’s are means tested.  Academic and other achievement is recognised and celebrated by our prestigious Drapers’ Awards; these are honorary awards given on an annual basis, apart from our Music Awards, which are awarded every two years.

Drapers’ Music Awards

11+ Music Awards are made during pupils’ first school year once they have had a chance to settle in and enjoy some of the extensive music co-curriculum we offer. The Award is held for two years initially. Every pupil can re-audition for an award and auditions for awards will be held every two years.

Pupils can make their application in January by completing a form, copies of which are available in the music office or from music staff. The assessments take place before the end of the Spring Term with the awards starting in the Summer Term. Award holders receive free music lessons on one instrument for two years. For exceptional pupils there might be the possibility of more than one award, particularly where someone is keen to learn a new instrument.

We also offer Sixth Form Music Awards which are awarded before joining Bancroft’s. Award Holders will be strong musicians with the desire to extend and develop their skills in performance, alongside other musical attributes such as composition or conducting. For the assessment, candidates are asked to prepare a recital of 15 minutes on their main instrument, a combination of instruments, and/or a portfolio of compositions. There will be a short interview. Candidates ideally will be around grade 6 or above on their first instrument and will have studied music at GCSE. Studying music at A-level is not a pre-requisite. The award will be for the two years of the Sixth Form and carries with it free music lessons in school. If you are interested in a Sixth Form Music Award, please email us for further details:

Music Award holders are expected to make a significant contribution to the musical life of Bancroft’s and to inspire others by the setting the best example to younger pupils. The music department will give award holders every opportunity to perform at award-holders’ concerts and provide enrichment opportunities through masterclasses, composing, music technology and conducting.

Drapers’ Academic Awards

In assessing potential Academic Award holders, we look for academic leadership and intellectual curiosity. We try to distinguish the bright from the well drilled, the inspired from the effective and we aim to uncover flair. Considerable time is taken to ensure that the process is fair. Although awards do not carry monetary values, they are a prestigious offer extended to only the best candidates – both internal and external. Academic award holders are among the most talented pupils here, and are often leading lights in their chosen subjects, making a wide and valuable contribution to the life of the school. Academic awards for pupils joining us at 11 are based on performance in our entrance tests and interview. Academic awards are held for one year at a time and are re-awarded each year during the school.

At 16+ we offer Drapers’ Academic Awards before pupils join us in the Sixth Form.

We do not offer fee remission for pupils who receive Drapers’  Academic Awards; fee remission is only applicable to Assisted Places.

Other Drapers’ Awards

Once pupils join the school there are opportunities each year to achieve an additional variety of awards in creative subjects, Drama, Sport, for contributions to the school community as well as for the other key subject areas; these awards are given annually. We aim to recognise excellence and contribution in all areas of school life and for embodying and contributing to our school values; we try to ensure that all our pupils are given opportunities to win recognition for their contributions and achievements during their time in the school.

Awards will be based on the performance and commitment shown in the relevant area during each school year. As with other awards (but with the exception of Music), Sport, Art, Computing and DT, Drama and Community Awards are given every year and can be re-awarded.

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