Our Values

Our education is based on six core values which are central to everything we do: Curiosity, Kindness, Integrity, Courage, Balance and Excellence. We believe these values are essential to the wellbeing of every child.
  • Curiosity:  We want our pupils to take delight in the possibilities that the world has to offer and to develop an abiding curiosity about the world; to explore their imaginative and creative potential and to take pleasure in self-expression.
  • Kindness:  We want Bancroft’s pupils to be kind, to have integrity and the courage to pursue and protect what is good; to make wise decisions, based on compassion and empathy.
  • Integrity:  We want our pupils to learn to understand themselves and others and develop a clear moral grounding for their lives.
  • Courage:  We want our pupils to show courage and a spirit of adventure in all aspects of their learning, to confront challenges and try to overcome them.
  • Balance:  We want our pupils to learn how to live balanced, healthy, productive and well-regulated lives and to learn to understand the different aspects that combine to create a secure framework for flourishing.
  • Excellence:  We want our pupils to aspire to be the best they might be and to make the most of their talents and abilities; we want our pupils to form realistic and ambitious ideals for the future.


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