Assisted Places

We offer Assisted Places (Bursaries) to children joining us at 7+, 11+ and 16+. Fee remission is only applicable to Assisted Places which support children who would not otherwise be able to attend the school.

Bancroft’s has a long tradition of educating pupils of high ability from a variety of backgrounds; we are committed to broadening access to the School by offering financial support with the payment of school fees to eligible parents/guardians through our Assisted Places.

There are up to two Assisted Places available for applicants for 7+ entry and are given to bright children whose parents might not otherwise be able to afford the fees for Bancroft’s Prep and are awarded on the results of the 7+ entrance tests.  An Assisted Place at 7+ level will only cover a pupil’s time at the Prep School but families may reapply for an Assisted Place when transferring to the Senior School.

Assisted Places are awarded following a confidential financial assessment of household income which is reassessed every year. Candidates must also fulfil the minimum entry requirements.

To have your child considered for an Assisted Place, please do not complete the registration form. Instead you should complete the Initial  Assessment of Income Form (follow link below).  When we have ascertained whether you could qualify for an Assisted Place, we will then contact you to invite you to complete an assisted place registration form and pay a reduced registration fee of £20.

We would very much like to increase the number of Assisted Places we award to enable more talented children to enjoy a Bancroft’s education regardless of their families’ finances.

Applications for Assisted Places have now closed for 2024 entry.

Further details may be found in our Assisted Places Policy.


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