Curriculum 6th Form

In the Lower Sixth Form, pupils usually choose four subjects. As with the GCSE options, the pupils pick their options first and then the timetable is written to accommodate their options, this also applies to the twenty or so pupils who join the Sixth Form at 16+. A good number of students chose to study double maths (maths & further maths), which counts as one subject choice but leads to two A Levels with a few extra lessons at the expense of some study periods.

In addition, most students choose an Additional Studies option for two lessons a week from a wide range of unexamined courses, examples being: earth science, astronomy, computer programming, musical theatre, Mandarin Chinese, carpentry, and an introduction to law. These Additional Studies classes are generally made up of a mixture of Lower and Upper Sixth pupils.

Pupils in the Upper Sixth either continue with three or four subjects to full A Level. If they wish they can be examined in the subject they stopped in the L6th to AS Level, at the end of their Upper Sixth year. Most pupils choose to continue with three subjects and again select an Additional Studies option to complement their studies.

Sixth Formers also have a fortnightly lecture series with visiting speakers coming into the school. In the Lower Sixth pupils considering medical-based degrees and careers meet for a fortnightly timetabled Medics Group where they find out more about the these courses and careers as well as being given advice and support towards their applications.

Bancroft’s provides a creative and supportive environment which focusses on encouraging personal growth; whether it be through music, theatre, sports or academia, all students leave Bancroft’s feeling more confident, more empowered and more ready for adult life.

Jaya, Upper Sixth (year 13)


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