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We feel very strongly at Bancroft’s that everyone, not just the immediate members of the Pastoral Team, has a significant role to play in the nurturing and protection of our pupils. Every conversation, lesson, tutor period, assembly, sports practice, music or play rehearsal is an opportunity for pastoral support and development and we are keenly aware that if a child is not happy, they are unlikely to flourish, be it academically or socially. It is for this reason that pastoral care lies at the core of everything we do as a school.

By its very nature, pastoral work is sometimes reactive; problems and upsets can occur suddenly and this is especially true during the turbulent adolescent years, but we embrace a holistic and proactive overarching approach with the House staff and tutors at its heart.

Our core values of kindness, curiosity, integrity, courage, balance and excellence guide our practice with a view to making our pupils the best version of themselves that they can be, ready to approach their lives after school with confidence.

We are part of The Diana Award Anti-Bullying Programme and the pupils involved have made real changes, not least of which is the Bancroft’s School Student Charter, which was drawn from wide pupil-voice consultation.

We believe that the only way to best support a child is when home and School work together. To that end, we aim to foster an open, transparent and collegiate relationship with parents, with regular communication and a sense of cooperation and collaboration, working in the best interest of the child. We aim to engage parents as much as possible in the provision we offer and our termly Pastoral Evenings, with themes such as mental well-being, academic pressure and co-curricular balance having proved very popular. The workshop format enables parents to meet each other and to share common concerns, both with each other and with the School.

The importance of Learning for Life (PSHE) is greater than ever and the curriculum, supported by ‘drop down days’, is designed to ensure that the life skills delivered to our pupils are rooted in our core values. Our vision is that pupils are equipped to face life beyond school with a proper understanding of the world around them and crucially, their role in it, along with the importance of forging and maintaining healthy relationships of all kinds.

Tributes to the teaching staff, overall friendliness, care and attention given to individuals pour in from everyone and are a delight to hear.

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Finally, when pupils need a neutral adult to speak to, we have three counsellors who between them operate every day of the week. Pupils can self-refer or approach their House Master/Mistress or tutor for an appointment.

There is so much more to say about pastoral life at Bancroft’s, but the best way to see for yourself what we do here is to come to our next Open Day. We very much look forward to seeing you.

Elizabeth Channer, Deputy Head (Pastoral) and Designated Safeguarding Lead


“Bancroft’s is the ‘full package’; you are encouraged to give anything a go and to learn more and excel in the areas in which you are most interested. As my time at the school comes to an end, I will remember fantastic school trips, inspiring lessons, but above all, the people.

The support system that your House provides is unmatched, with your tutors carefully guiding you through each year, building your self-confidence and worth.”

Emilia, Upper Sixth (Year 13)

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