Pastoral Care

Bancroft’s pastoral system is a tremendous strength of the School. It underpins all that we do, enabling pupils to flourish and make the most of their opportunities. We endeavour to foster a friendly, supportive and caring environment where each pupil is cherished and nurtured and their individual needs addressed.

Relationships between staff and pupils are extremely important, as are those between parents and the school.The House system lies at the heart of this; the tutor and house staff are key points of contact for pupils and parents throughout their time at School. On a daily basis, the tutor is the first port of call, fostering the academic, extra-curricular and pastoral welfare of each pupil and our Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) programme is delivered in house groups. The house staff are supported in their role by the Assistant Head, Pastoral, who is also the Designated Lead for Safeguarding and Child Protection matters.

Your house is like an extended family. They will be the first people to welcome you into Bancroft’s and will guide you through the rollercoaster that is your education, all the way from your induction day in year 7 to your A-level results day in year 13.

May, Sixth Former

The senior house staff oversee all house activities and junior house staff have specific responsibility for Thirds to Lower Fourths (years 7-9); together they lead weekly house assemblies during which teachers and pupils share thoughts, celebrate achievements and perform.  Sport, drama, music and spoken English competitions between the four Houses promote a friendly rivalry and each House celebrates its own identity with events such as the family evenings which help bond parents, pupils and staff.

Our School Nurse cares for pupils’ individual medical needs, promoting good health throughout the School. The Learning Support department works with pupils and their parents in the case of there being a learning difference. In such cases, an individual plan is devised and the pupils are closely monitored in individual support sessions.

We recognise that adolescence can be a turbulent time and sometimes a pupil will have difficulties which require specialist and professional help. Counselling is available in School for those who feel they need it, and the School will always source help from outside if necessary.

Bancroft’s Pastoral Handbook




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