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Thank you for your support of the Bancroft's Foundation; every single gift will make a difference and is very much appreciated. As a donor, you will receive news about the Foundation and invitations to Foundation events.

Donate Online

To make a single, one-off, donation to the Bancroft’s Foundation through PayPal please click on the Donate button below.

Regular giving by direct debit

To set up a regular Direct Debit donation online, please use the following form:

Direct Debit Form

Donate by Cheque


Please post this form together with your cheque (made payable to ‘Bancroft’s Foundation’) to:

Foundation Office
Bancroft’s School
High Road, Woodford Green
Essex, IG8 0RF

Gift Aid: Make your gift go further

As a registered charity, donations to the Bancroft’s Foundation from UK taxpayers are made from gross income and therefore are eligible for Gift Aid. This enables the School to claim an additional 25% from the Government for your gift, while higher rate tax-payers can themselves claim 20% tax relief on their gross donation. Please complete the Donation Form indicating if you are UK tax payer.

The 1737 Legacy Club

Bancroft’s School was founded by the legacy of Francis Bancroft in 1737 and it is in that tradition of giving for future generations we hope to encourage Legacy Gifts to the Foundation. To ensure such gifts are able to support the School in perpetuity, we will invest legacies in to an endowment fund, unless otherwise instructed. The School Endowment fund will ensure the sustainable and financial security of the School and help generate a steady income for a number of students who need financial support. If you wish for your pledge to be ring fenced for a particular purpose, please feel free to contact us.

Of course we understand you will want to make provision for your family and friends first, but we also hope that after your loved ones have been provided for, you might consider the Bancroft’s School Foundation in your will. Any legacy gift you make to the Bancroft’s School Foundation will be exempt from UK Inheritance Tax and Capital Gains Tax. Under current rules, if you leave 10% of your estate to charity this reduces the Inheritance Tax Liability on the remaining estate from 40% to 36%.

EXAMPLE  :  UK testator with an estate of £500,000 (as at September 2019)

Without charitable bequest With 10% charitable bequest
Gross Estate £500,000 £500,000
Less Nil Rate Band -£325,000 -£325,000
Net Estate £175,000 £175,000
Charitable Donation Nil £17,500
Taxable Estate £175,000 £157,500
Inheritance Tax @40%       £70,000 @36%      £56,700
Estate available for distribution £430,000 £425,800 plus £17,500 to charity = £443,300


There are several types of legacy donations and we would recommend contacting your solicitor for further advice:

A Residuary Legacy

This is where you set aside a portion of all your remaining estate after funeral expenses, debts and other gifts in the will have been paid, thereby ensuring that your loved ones are taken care of first.

A Pecuniary Legacy

This involves leaving a specific sum but remember the eventual value of this gift may be impacted by inflation.

A Reversionary Legacy

This is effectively a postponed gift. It allows a specifically named person(s) to benefit from your estate (or part of it) during their lifetime and on their death the estate (or part of it) then passes to the Foundation

A Contingent Legacy

This means you can leave your estate to a particular person(s) but if they predecease you then the bequest would go to Bancroft’s Foundation.

A Specific Legacy

You can leave specific personal possessions such as property, stocks & shares, works of art/antiques or a life assurance policy, rather than a monetary amount. This can be an attractive option where the asset has appreciated in value over the years and a lifetime sale would attract a high capital gains tax liability

Deed of Variation

If you become a beneficiary of someone else’s will you may wish to consider transferring the whole or part of that inheritance to the Bancroft’s Foundation. The sum transferred would be exempt of Inheritance Tax.

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