Fashion City Visit

This week we went to the London Docklands Museum and went to 'Fashion City', an exhibition about how Jewish Londoners shaped global style.

It was really interesting as it told you what our Jewish ancestors were doing in the late 19th and early 20th century, and how much they influenced and revolutionised fashion.

I particularly liked some of the snazzy costumes in the exhibit, some of which were worn by celebrities and royalty (David Bowie, Princess Diana).

Something else that made me so excited for it was that my great-grandparents were tailors and worked in fashion in the East End, possibly laying the groundwork for some of the big Jewish-founded brands we know today: Marks and Spencer; Moss Bros; River Island.

We also went out after to get some beigels from Beigel Bake on Brick Lane (a nice treat and change from our usual lunch) and then had some free time to explore points of interest around Spitalfields.

After a hot and culture-filled day, we were happy to return to school, having had a fabulous start to our week. Thanks to Mr Young and Miss Zimelstern for accompanying us.

By Joshua (Thirds)

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