Pride Week 2024

We have just concluded a brilliantly successful Pride Week at Bancroft's!

The week kicked off with a whole-school assembly, moving in its honesty, led by one of our trans students who shared a personal story from the heart. This powerful moment set the tone for the week’s activities and discussions.

Students participated in badge designing during form time, a creative way to express support for the LGBTQ+ community. The Rainbow Foods initiative (thank you catering!) provided vibrant and healthy options during break and lunch, adding a thematic touch to the week.

Tuesday featured a talk by Barry Laden, our LGBT+ school governor, artist, and fashion entrepreneur. Barry shared his experiences of homophobia in various settings, his joyful moments of civil partnership and marriage, and his rewarding role as a co-parent. His background in fashion and art, along with his charitable work, made for an inspiring session.

On Wednesday, we hosted two ‘Just Like Us’ ambassadors who spoke openly about their LGBT journeys, including their struggles and obstacles. Both these presentations were powerful and moving, leaving a lasting impact on all who attended.

I am so proud of our community for embracing and celebrating diversity with such enthusiasm.

Ms Entwistle – Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator

Thursday was particularly vibrant with music in the Quad, the trusty Pride flag flying high, and an array of activities. Pupils accessorised their uniforms with Pride colours and engaged in doughnut decorating, temporary tattoos, loom band bracelet making, face painting, and badge making.

The PAC event featured Mr Gillary’s ‘Just Dance’ competition and Bollywood dance sessions, which drew significant participation from pupils who left feeling pretty exhusted after giving it their all on the dance floor! Charity collection buckets were also present, supporting Rainbow Mind, a charity championing LGBTQ+ mental health.

We were honoured to host Alex Tyndale-Brown from ‘Just Like Us,’ who visited our Pride Week celebrations and was impressed by the turnout and the vibrancy of our events. Alex remarked that our Pride event was the best attended and most impressive he had seen all week.

It’s nice to come to somewhere where Pride week is so successful. This is a school that’s getting it right. It’s one of the best Pride celebrations I’ve seen this year.

Alex Tyndale-Brown – Just Like Us

The library’s display of Pride books was another highlight that left Alex and all visitors impressed and proud.

The week concluded on Friday with continued music in the Quad and final badge designing activities, wrapping up a week of meaningful engagement and celebration.

As Pride Week at Bancroft’s reaches its conclusion for another year, it’s crucial to remember that inclusion and allyship are integral to our community, both now and always.

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