Hamlet – Middle School Production

Our Middle School Production – Shakespeare’s Hamlet, was performed by an exceptionally talented group of L4th and U4th students, led by a tour-de-force performance by Martha Grimsell. Centred around the forbidden relationship between Hamlet and Ophelia (played passionately and intelligently by Pasha Parmar) this production was innovative and modern, employing an industrial soundtrack, which featured the likes of Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails, as well as live music, and staged in traverse, with the audience sat on two sides.

Standout performances included Emily Christaki’s fierce interpretation of Gertrude, Gauri Godbole’s comic turn as a bumbling gossip Polonius, and Theo Life’s guilt-ridden East-End gangster Claudius. Highlights included a ferocious fencing match between Hamlet and Laertes (played by Benedict Hughes), which had been arranged by L6th student Hasha Dar, and an ensemble physical theatre piece created in collaboration with Frantic Assembly Theatre Company, as a replacement for “The Mousetrap”.  Special mention must go to Hamlet herself, Martha Grimsell, whose faultless, deeply moving, and highly original interpretation of this complex and challenging character will be remembered at Bancroft’s for many years to come.

This was an ambitious and daring interpretation of what many consider to be not only Shakespeare’s finest work but also the finest play written.  Many congratulations to cast, crew and Mr Sam Sugarman, the Director, for giving us a superb, thought provoking production.

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