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7+ Sample Mathematics Paper

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Important Dates for 7+ Entry September 2021

1 December 2020
Closing date for registrations for entry September 2021
December 2020
Candidates notified of time and dates for tests
Saturday 9 January 2021
Maths & non-verbal reasoning tests
January 2021
All candidates invited to the School in small groups for English tests
Thursday 18 February 2021
Offers posted
Thursday 4 March 2021 10.00 am
Closing date for acceptance of places

Entrance Tests

Applicants for entry at 7+ are invited into the Preparatory School for testing on two separate occasions in the January before proposed entry.

The purpose of our entrance processes is not to make Bancroft’s more academically selective, but to help us make offers to children who we feel will benefit most from the education we offer. We receive many more applications than we have places.  Some candidates may be placed on a waiting list following the tests and may be offered places if vacancies arise.


A  non-returnable registration fee of £125 is required. Please note that if you are only applying for a Means Tested Award, the registration fee is reduced to £20. Cheques should be made payable to Bancroft’s School.  A copy of the child’s full birth certificate or passport must accompany all applications.

Upon acceptance of a place, we require a £1000 deposit; If in receipt of a Means Tested Award, this deposit will also be means tested.  Please note that as from entry September 2021 the deposit should be paid on-line; we are not able to accept cash payments.

For further information, registration forms or a large print version of our 7+ admissions information contact Prep Admissions:

020 8506 6774

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