Adventures in Granada

During October half-term, a group of 20 Hispanists embarked on an enriching journey to Granada, returning with a wealth of knowledge and experiences to share.

We set off on Saturday 28th of October, and on Sunday we explored the Alpujarras region – a collection of charming Andalusian villages situated in the breathtaking Sierra Nevada mountains. This visit also included a tour of an ibérico ham factory, providing an insightful cultural experience.

The afternoons were filled with a variety of engaging cultural activities. Highlights of the trip included a captivating gypsy flamenco show held in a cave in Sacromonte, a visit to the city of Córdoba where our students were awed by the magnificent cathedral-mosque, explored the historic Jewish quarter and synagogue, ventured to the Granada Science Park, and, of course, had the privilege of visiting the majestic Alhambra.

The students represented our school exceptionally well. Their participation in this educational adventure has not only enriched their lives but also contributed to their growth and development as responsible and cultured individuals.

In the Spanish Department we now look forward to the Removes trip to Salamanca in February!

Mr Iñigo Urreaga Gorostidi, Head of Spanish

A Pupil’s View – By Jonathan 5Nb

During the autumn half term, the 5th and 6th form Spanish students had a chance to partake in the school trip to Granada, taking place from October the 28th to November the 4th. It was an enriching experience that seamlessly blended cultural exploration, language learning, and genuine look unto Spanish life. The bustling city of Granada, nestled against the stunning backdrop of the Sierra Nevada mountains, served as the perfect setting for this educational trip.

The journey began on Saturday, departing from Gatwick and arriving at Málaga Airport in the evening. A comfortable coach then transported us to Granada, where the eagerly awaiting host families welcomed us into their wonderful homes.

After settling in, we were immediately met with the delightfully different Spanish cuisine which appealed to even the pickiest eaters in our group. The following day started early with a hearty breakfast with the host families. We embarked on a full-day trip to the Alpujarras, a picturesque region known for its charming villages and breathtaking landscapes. The day concluded with a delightful dinner back with our new families.

The week progressed with a balanced mix of language immersion and cultural exploration. Mornings began with Spanish lessons from 9am to 12:15 pm, with breaks in between. Afternoons were dedicated to various activities, including visits to the Albaicín, Flamenco show at a Sacromonte cave, and a Gymkhana in the city centre. Dinners with host families provided an opportunity for us to further practise our Spanish language skills in a relaxed setting.

Wednesday brought a special excursion to Córdoba, departing early in the morning and returning after a full day of exploration. We enjoyed a packed lunch during the visit to this historic city, appreciating the unique blend of Arabic and Christian architecture and especially admiring the mosque which reflects the many centuries of habitation by different cultural groups – such as Romans, Muslims, Jews and Christians.

Back in Granada, the focus shifted to more Spanish lessons, broken up with visits to the Huerta de San Vicente, Frederico Garcia Lorca’s house – the most important Spanish playwright and poet of the 20th century, and the Granada Science Park which included a guided tour through some various wildlife exhibitions. The week came to an end with a visit to the iconic Alhambra, a UNESCO World Heritage site for some delightful photographing.

The trip concluded on Saturday. We bid farewell to our host families, and we returned home with precious memories of a week filled with cultural knowledge, language development, and the warmth of Spanish hospitality.

A huge thank you for Mr Urreaga and Ms Bogado for arranging the entirety of the trip and making it possible for us to experience such an eventful week within Spain.

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