Alumni Insights: A Night of Career Exploration at Bancroft’s

On the evening of 23rd January 2024, Bancroft’s transformed into a buzzing hub of career inspiration and guidance, as over 50 Old Bancroftians (OBs) returned to the school to talk futures, achievements and advice.

The event, brilliantly organised by the Careers Department, was a resounding success, providing current pupils with an extraordinary opportunity to explore a diverse array of career paths and gain invaluable insights directly from experienced professionals.

The array of careers represented was as varied as it was impressive. From Vessie Naskinova, a Sustainability and Climate Strategy Manager at Deloitte, who shared her journey from studying Geography and Economics at A-Levels to becoming a key player in driving sustainable practices in major organisations, to Lena Chudasama, now a Senior Sales Enablement Lead EMEA at Taboola, who began her career in a SMB Sales role at Google after graduating from the University of Bath.

The creative industries were well represented by Emma Barnett, Head of Department Valuer and Auctioneer at Sworders Fine Art Auctioneers, who spoke about her fascinating work in the art world, including managing auctions and appraisals. The finance sector was exemplified by Claire Barratt, Chief Operating Officer at Orbital, who illustrated her journey in the fintech world, overseeing operations, legal matters, and more.

Highlighting public service, Robert Hall, Director of Communications at the Home Office, shared his experiences in media handling and crisis response, emphasising the importance of skilled communication in high-profile government roles.

The event also showcased careers in engineering, with Robin Fisher, a Civil Engineer at Skanska UK, discussing the challenges and rewards of managing major infrastructure projects. Similarly, in the health sector, Dr. Michael Smith, a GP at Knightsbridge Doctors, provided insights into his journey in medicine and the dynamic nature of working in healthcare.

This event offered an interactive platform for students to engage directly with professionals, ask questions, and seek advice. The diversity of the careers represented – from law, technology, arts, engineering, to public service – underscored the event’s objective: to show students the vast possibilities their future holds.

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