Alumni Spotlight: Navigating Geography to PR

In a recent session with the Geography Society, alumna Olivia shared her journey after graduating with a geography degree from Durham University.

She detailed how she transitioned into the Public Relations sector, eventually moving to Paris during the challenging times of the pandemic.

Olivia spoke about overcoming language barriers and navigating the busy Paris metro with product boxes in the summer heat. Her stories highlighted her adaptability and determination. She went on to describe her experiences in the international fashion scene, including working with elite models and collaborating with Charlotte Tilbury.

The Q&A session brought attention to Charlotte Tilbury’s environmental policies. Olivia initiated discussions on the importance of businesses improving their supply chains to lessen their environmental impact. She also touched on her involvement in university sports and raised awareness about greenwashing.

Olivia’s visit provided valuable insights into the possibilities that await Bancroft’s graduates and emphasized the role of environmental responsibility in business. Her story, marked by personal growth and professional achievements, offered inspiration to students, showcasing the varied paths available after leaving Bancroft’s.

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