Bancroft’s Badminton Silvers

For the second year of entering the National Schools Badminton Championships, Bancroft’s managed to get two teams through to the Regional round, representing Redbridge, which also was jointly the final of the Balfour Beatty London Youth Games. These took place on Tuesday 2 March at Crystal Palace.

This year we had a KS4 boys team and a KS3 girls team competing.  Performances were strong all round and there were some fantastic games to watch, particularly some of the singles matches. We beat two out of three of the teams that had got to the regionals, losing against some very strong teams from Sutton, meaning that in both categories we placed second, going home with silver medals for a consecutive year.  With some more training and hard work I hope that next year we might go one better and get through to the finals of the Championship.  All the students should be proud of their performances.

Badminton has really taken off at Bancroft’s in the last couple of years and we have lots of children playing both recreationally and competitively. I’m really pleased that within the first two years of entering this competition that we have achieved silver medal position both times. It gives an exciting status to a sport that can be played by anybody at any stage in their life.

Dani Mugridge, Director of Sports 

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