Bancroft’s Players at Edinburgh

The Bancroft's Players have received some really encouraging reviews for their production of  The Actor's Nightmare (Christopher Durang).  They are performing at The Space on the Mile at the Edinburgh Fringe daily until Friday 16 August, .

The Actor’s Nightmare presents every actor’s greatest fear – George, played by Adam Deary, is an actor/accountant, who doesn’t know his lines, doesn’t know what play he’s in, and is surrounded by accomplished actors who seem to think he does! Shifting between Private Lives, Hamlet, Checkmate, and A Man for All Seasons, George’s theatrical disaster provides a hilarious parody of literature’s greatest writers. Only one question remains: Will George make it to his curtain call?

Eliza Plowden wrote, “Deary is strong as the protagonist. With a role that demands an enormous number of monologues, the actor remains convincing as the somnolent accountant, particularly in George’s more insecure moments. Katherine Stevens is also strong, clearly conveying the egotism of her character, Sarah Siddons, while Frederica Caira provokes many laughs by monotonously reciting Beckett’s “utterly useless” stage directions.”  In another review, Rose Bonsier remarked, “One thing I can be sure of is that this is a creative and able young company with bags of raw talent, and I expect them to have every success in the future.”

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