Bancroft’s Advances to ISFA Semi-Finals in Edge-of-Seat Victory

In a stunning display of resilience and skill, Bancroft's 1st XI has booked their place in the ISFA semi-finals, winning against Ackworth School in a tense 9-8 penalty shootout in the quarterfinals.

This victory marks Bancroft’s first-ever appearance in the quarterfinals, underscoring a significant milestone for the school’s football programme.

The match, evenly matched throughout, was a showcase of high-level football, culminating in the dramatic shootout that sealed Bancroft’s victory. The team’s success is a source of pride for the entire Bancroft’s community.

Bancroft’s extends its appreciation to Ackworth School for a competitive and spirited game. As the team prepares for the upcoming semi-finals, there is a renewed sense of ambition and excitement at Bancroft’s, with sights set on further success in the tournament.

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