Bancroft’s Celebrates ‘Allies Week’

In a vibrant celebration of diversity and inclusivity, Bancroft’s School proudly embraced ‘Allies Week’, an initiative aimed at fostering understanding and respect for the LGBT+ community within educational settings.

The week, orchestrated by the IdentiTEA programme and supported by ‘Just Like Us’, the LGBT+ young people’s charity, offered a series of enriching activities for students from 3rds to Upper Sixth. This term, the focus is on LGBT+ TV and Film Trailblazers, following last term’s insightful exploration of the South Asian LGBT community.

To mark this special week, Form Tutors were provided with Allies Week resources, featuring engaging starter activities and the opportunity to delve into the LEAD initiative. LEAD stands for ‘Listen, Educate, Advocate, Do’ – a strategy that encourages allies to actively listen, stay informed, intervene safely against LGBT+ discrimination, and be role models.

A highlight of the week was the ‘IdentiTEA’ special meeting, including our special guest Frankie Cowper from ‘Just Like Us’. The session, led by Eliza and Kaitlin, saw a good turnout from students and staff. It included a discussion about LEAD and a crafting activity where attendees decorated jigsaw pieces with messages of allyship – all accompanied by posh biscuits! This event, a pilot scheme for ‘Just Like Us’, will provide valuable feedback from staff and students to the charity in the coming weeks.

Thirds and Removes students are particularly encouraged to engage in the jigsaw puzzle piece activity, a creative way to express support and allyship. They can find more information by reaching out to their tutors.

Ms Entwistle, Mr Gillary, and the IdentiTEA Team have been instrumental in bringing this initiative to life. Through such initiatives, the school continues to nurture an environment where every pupil can flourish, embodying the true spirit of ‘Being Bancroft’s’.

We remain dedicated to creating a culture of curiosity and excellence, where every student is encouraged to explore and express their individuality, in a supportive and understanding community.

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