Bancroft’s Phab Social Club Wins Prestigious Lord Morris Award

In a celebration of inclusivity and community spirit, Bancroft's Phab Social Club has been honoured with the esteemed Lord Morris Award. The recognition comes as a testament to the club's commitment to creating an inclusive and supportive environment for its members.

With over 100 Phab Clubs in the UK these are spaces to belong, a place to thrive where disabled and non-disabled people come together to socialise, have fun and build lifelong friendships.

Originally established in 2013 by Nick Maloney, then a member of the Bancroft’s Senior School staff, the Phab Club has evolved into a thriving initiative. Karen Chittock, who then assumed the role of Club Leader, has been instrumental in maintaining the club’s mission.

The success of the Phab Club is attributed to a collaborative endeavor, with both adult and pupil volunteers playing crucial roles. Among them are Lynne Hague, our Head of Admissions, and Beverley Ingleton, PA to the Deputy Head and Pastoral & Safeguarding Administrator, who have been dedicated volunteers almost since the club’s inception.

The commitment of the team, along with the invaluable assistance of senior pupil helpers known as Phab Hosts, has made the club a vibrant and welcoming space.

Notably, the Phab Club engages with a diverse group of individuals, including both regular attendees and those who visit periodically.

The club has become a second home for families like Tracy and Phil, who, along with their three boys, have been dedicated attendees since the club’s early days. Additionally, care homes such as Orchard Close in Wanstead and Woodford Court regularly bring residents, creating a supportive community that extends beyond the club’s walls.

The club’s activities range from traditional board games and drawing to karaoke and music-making, thanks to the support of Bancroft’s staff members. The inclusion of activities like boccia tournaments, with special thanks to Mr. Bish for his expertise, highlights the club’s commitment to providing diverse experiences for its members.

The recognition of Bancroft’s Phab Social Club with the Lord Morris Schools Award is a testament to the positive impact it has had on the lives of its members and the broader community.

Being a part of PHAB for several years has been an incredible experience. Witnessing our members flourish and thoroughly enjoy themselves is heartwarming. Additionally, each year, we welcome a new group of pupil helpers from Bancroft’s School, who play an invaluable role in enhancing our members' club experience through meaningful interactions.

Beverley Ingleton - Phab Volunteer

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