Our Pupils Triumph at Music Festival

We're thrilled to share the fantastic news of our pupils' achievements at the Stratford & East London Music Festival.

Our very own Liliana secured a win in the 11-14 year-old category with a wonderful performance of “Over the Rainbow,” standing out as one of the youngest competitors to do so.

Liliana clinched victory in the 11-14 year-old category with her captivating rendition of “Over the Rainbow,” demonstrating her extraordinary talent as one of the youngest contestants.

Adding to the school’s success, Hsian Wen was crowned the winner of the Singing Solo (Grades 3 and 4) Award, impressing judges with a stellar performance that showcased both talent and stage presence. “I enjoyed performing in front of the audience and was so pleased I won!” Wen remarked, reflecting the dedication and hard work that led to this accomplishment.

These victories at the prestigious festival, known for highlighting young musical talent across the region, underscore the exceptional abilities and commitment of Bancroft’s students.

Congratulations to Liliana and Hsian Wen on their outstanding achievements.

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