Bancroft’s Recreated in Paper

On Friday 18 October, Mrs O’Sullivan organised an Architecture workshop for the L6 Art students and the Architecture General Studies students. We were given the opportunity to experience working as a team on creating paper and card sculptures of parts of the School building as models, either in relief or as 3D models.

Using photos and observations the school we were taken through a variety of scoring, measuring and modelling techniques by the Art and Architecture conglomerate S.T.O.R.E..  Architect Viktor Westerdahl,  who graduated with distinction from the Bartlett School of Architecture and was awarded the Design Technology Prize, and whose work has been published in Dezeen and the Architectural Review, together with Klaudia Kępińska,  a 3rd year student at the Bartlett School of Architecture, and pracitising architect Madeleine Kessler, who was awarded the Marjorie Morrison Bursary and the KPF Traveling Fellowship  from the Architectural Association where she tutors, were invited to work with the Bancroft’s students.

Each group decided on various locations at school to sculpt, ranging from the quad, the new conservatory and the passageway leading to the Great Hall.  The workshop also gave us the opportunity to talk to people who are studying architecture or work in the industry, who gave us insights into what architecture involves and the type of work they do. As students, we found it interesting to try a new medium and were quickly immersed in the building process as it allowed us to use our own initiative and creativity. It was a really valuable experience to work as a team and delegate tasks under time pressure, and the short time we were given of just a morning meant we were all very proud of our finished models.

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