Betas PGL Week

Before half-term the Betas (year 4) spent a fantastic week at PGL's Marchants Hill Centre where they got the opportunity to try out many challenging and exciting activities.   They returned home exhausted, muddy and very proud of all they had accomplished!   Amala Kajan (BSS) shares some of her favourite moments with us:

"Over the course of the week we took part in many wild activities!  My first activity was the ‘Giant Swing’. Two people rode the Giant Swing together and had two turns. We were hoisted high into the trees by our team and then at the pull of a piece of string we were released forward through the air at terrific speed! Layo sang ‘ I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky…’ as she swooped back and forth – this stuck as the song for the entire trip! Another activity was a ‘Problem Solving’ challenge by working together as a team. In ‘Abseiling’ we had to climb ladders to the top of a tower and were attached to a harness at the top. We then leaned back, fed the rope through a metal hoop and walked slowly backwards down the tower. I was really confident. It was great! The ‘Trapeze’ was scary. We had to climb a wooden pole of about 30 feet and once at the top jump off and catch or kick a red ball – it was fun. ‘Archery’ was enjoyable, everyone was really impressive. Most people found the ‘Climbing Wall’ quite challenging. Every metre was numbered so you knew how high you were reaching. In total there were 9 metres and we were set a goal to climb 2 metres. It was entertaining and some people even reached the very top! ‘Aeroball’ was amusing as we played netball on trampolines despite it being really wet and muddy. ‘Powerfan’ was the best: a 45 feet pole where you skydived backwards from the top. I felt like I was flying; it was amazing!

We came home on Friday and were really pleased with ourselves that we had overcome many challenges. Thank you to the teachers for taking us; it has been the best trip ever!"


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