Cracking News from the Prep!

The Prep School has recently seen some very popular and extremely cute new additions in the form of 11 Pekin ducklings.

The ducklings hatched from 12 eggs and, thanks to a web cam, the whole School was able to watch this happening and follow the ducklings’ progress.  Each duckling was marked and weighed daily so that the children could monitor their growth,  As they grew, they began to learn to swim in boxes set up in the lab.  Every  lunchtime and break pupils and staff alike queued up in the lab to stroke and cuddle our latest additions.


The best part of the duckling project was when the Eggs began cracking as it was the start of a new life.


Miss Ellery, Science Co-ordinator at the Prep, said that each of the ducklings had its own personality.  Some were definitely more daring than others and ready to explore the world while others would “cry” a little if they were not picked up!  As a group they were more friendly than the chicks which had been hatched in previous years.

Alas, the ducklings were not to become permanent residents at Bancroft’s and they have now moved on to good homes with two Prep children who already keep ducks.





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