Drapers’ Hall Concert

The undoubted highlight of Bancroft’s musical calendar is the annual concert which takes place in the magnificent Livery Hall in Drapers’ Hall. We are most grateful to the Master and Warden of the Drapers’ Company for granting us access to this beautiful space.

The concert on Monday 14 March lived up to the splendour of its venue and provided us with a glorious programme of diverse musical offerings from our talented singers, soloists and ensembles. Of particular note must be the performances by three of our Sixth Form Music Scholars: Rebecca Leung, who performed Beethoven’s 32 Variations in C Minor; Lucy Ruben with her clarinet solo Carnival of Venice by Jeanjean and Isabelle Ormerod who performed Demersseman’s Fantasie on the alto saxophone. For both Lucy and Isabelle this was their last Drapers’ Concert and we wish them the very best for their futures. Rebecca is competing  in Germany, playing the same Beethoven piece, later this week.

It was impressive to see a packed stage for both the Flute and Guitar Orchestra and First Orchestra, both of which have over 40 members. The size of these ensembles is a tribute to the popularity of music in the School. Thanks must go to our two guest performers: Fergus Ireland (double bass) and OB James Bluff (trombone). All participants, as well as the members of staff who put in many hours preparing their groups and the soloists for this event (Ian McGee and Peter Spence for the Flute & Guitar Orchestra; Elie Middleton for the Bancroft’s Barbers; Debbie Mittell for the Bancroft’s Swingers; Caroline Foinette for the Bancroft’s Singers and Roger Bluff for the First Orchestra) deserve a huge congratulations.

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