East House Sponsors Magical Taxi Tour

Once again, pupils from East House have raised funds to support the Magical Taxi Tour which takes children with life threatening illnesses on a three day trip of a lifetime to Disneyland Paris.

East House has provided funds to support this event for the past seven years, and their “Come Fly With East” global themed family evening in the summer term raised over £3700.

This year driver Michael Cullen was part of a fleet of 100 black cabs which participated in the annual Magical Taxi Tour organised by The Worshipful Company of Hackney Carriage Drivers.  Head of East Murali Satchithananda, together with fellow U6 former Sami Bashir and Miss Fryer-Green (Junior House Mistress of East) attended the  Big Breakfast send off held on 16 September at Canary Wharf when they met some of the excited children about to set off for Disneyland and witnessed the spectacular cavalcade of taxis as they left the City for Dover.  The Magical Taxi Tour gives the children a break from therapy and treatment; the families would not be able undertake such a trip alone, but the tour provides them with the necessary full medical support.

In addition to the Magical Taxi Tour, funds were also donated to St John’s College in Chigwell for young adults aged 19 – 26 with varying disabilities and the Box in Epping, which is a youth centred charity for children who cannot access mainstream education, especially those who have been excluded or are on the verge of exclusion.  Bancroft’s School has links with St John’s as it sends Sixth Formers on placements there as part of the Bancroft’s Social Services Programme.

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